Monday, 14 July 2014

Pieces of Broken Time by Lorenz Font Review by Liz

Pieces of Broken Time
Lorenz Font


When wounded soldier Blake Connor returns from Afghanistan, he wants nothing more than to hide from the world. He’s plagued by the memory of his best friend’s death and the pain of his own injuries. On top of all that, he has another burden to carry.

Take care of our girl.

Blake’s vow to watch over the woman who was left behind is overshadowed by his self-contempt and bitterness, making it impossible for him to reach out to her like he’d promised.
Jennifer Owens had expected to get married the moment her fiancé returned home from the war, but the news of his death changed everything. Shattered by her loss, she is still struggling with feelings of guilt when she receives an unexpected letter that raises new questions and reopens old wounds.

Jennifer’s need for answers leads her to Blake’s doorstep, but she is met with hostility and rejection from a man who only vaguely resembles the head-turning charmer she remembers from so long ago. Blake is determined to keep her at arm’s length, and Jennifer soon discovers that she must decide whether to push back or let him go.

Caught up in circumstances beyond their control, Jennifer and Blake have to learn to accept the truths that lie below the surface. She comes to recognize the beauty underneath the scars, and Blake realizes that he’s broken in more ways than he cares to admit.

Nothing will ever be the same for this ex-Army Ranger once he faces the truth. If he can learn to accept the help he needs, he might be able to overcome his warped self-image and emotional scars. To be the man Jennifer deserves, he must heal his wounds before he loses the woman he loves forever.

Liz’s Review:

Blake Connor is lucky to be alive. Unfortunately, he doesn’t believe that. After watching his best friend die and then living with the pain of his own injuries and recovery, Blake has become an angry man. Mad at the world, he seems to have broken the one promise he made to his dying comrade....Take care of our girl.
All that Jennifer Owens has left of her dead fiance are pictures, memories, and his best friend. A man that she has had feelings for since she met him. Knowing that Trent had asked Blake to ‘watch over her’, she can’t help but wonder where he is. After finding out that he has been living down the block from her for almost a year, Jennifer decides to pay him a visit. What she finds is not the man that she once knew.
Together this pair will live through the pain, the anger, and the grief and come out on the otherside in love.
I had a bit of trouble connecting with the characters in the beginning, but once I got deeper into the book, I found myself rooting for them. First for Blake to overcome his fear of living again. Then for Jennifer, to have the courage to really love Blake. By the time that I read the last page, I had tears running down my face.
If you’re looking for a story about the trials of war and everlasting love, then Pieces of Broken Time is for you. Lorenz Font as weaved together the perfect love story. You find yourself so involved in the characters that you’ll want to hit Blake for his stubbornness and scream in frustration at both of their blindness. At the end though, you’ll cheer—for true love really does conquer all.
Grab your tissues and settle in for a beautiful love story.


About the Author and Links:
Lorenz Font discovered her love of writing after reading a celebrated novel that inspired one idea after another. Hunted, the first book of The Gates Legacy trilogy, is her debut novel.
She enjoys dabbling in different genres with an intense focus on angst and the redemption of flawed characters. Her fascination with romantic twists is a mainstay in all her stories.
She currently lives in California with her husband, children, and two demanding dogs. Lorenz spends most of her free time writing while also working as a Business Office Manager for a skilled-rehabilitation hospital.


  1. Thanks for the great review! I really loved this story too and yes, wanted to pummel Blake now and then too!

  2. Thank you for your kind review. <3