Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lexi's Review of Smorgasbord by Jagjiwan Sohal

Title: Smorgasbord
Author: Jagjiwan Sohal
Genre: Middle-Grade/Young Adult Comedy Horror
Length: 170 pages
Release Date: March 2014
ISBN-13: 978-0615971919
Imprint: Mythos Press

SYNOPSIS: When Anna Lopez’s zombie attack video goes viral, no one could believe that the high school cheerleader had taken a bite out of the undead monster – and liked it! Now nothing will ever be the same for supernatural beings…because humans have discovered they taste freakin’ DELICIOUS!

And when a zombie boy gets in the crosshairs of a gang of hungry-human hunters, Julie, a young vampire loner, jumps in for the rescue. But now Julie’s got more than she bargained because taking care of a rambunctious undead creature who only knows one word (“brains”) is NOT easy. And when Julie and her zombie pal stumble upon on a crazed soccer mom, they find themselves on the run from a trigger-happy family who want nothing more than to grill them up for a neighborhood barbecue bash!

Lexi's Review: Smorgasbord by Jagjiwan Sohal is what one would call a fun, light summer read. I can definitely say that this short, funny novel kept me on my toes because it is soooo unpredictable that I did not know what was going to happen next.

This novel was right up my alley even though at first I was a bit skeptical about it. I wanted to read it because the summary seemed interesting and the cover was the one that really spiked my interest. In spite of this, I was a bit skeptical about it because it seemed like a children’s novel and would not really be for me.

However, this is one of the most inventive novels I have read this year. I don’t think that many of us have the imagination to write that a girl would take a bite out of a zombie and say that it tastes good, and then figure out that all kinds of “monsters” are yummy.

The characters are very fun and well described as well as their stories. When humans start hunting zombies to have barbeques I was on the floor laughing. Definitely, this novel exceeded my expectations and made me love it a lot!

This fun, creative read suits almost everyone. I think that children and elders together could read this summer-y novel. I promise that it will surprise you in the best way possible. And on this way I want to congratulate Jagjwan Sohal for his amazing imagination that brought happy tears to my eyes in a very gloomy day.



Born and raised near Toronto, Canada, Jagjiwan Sohal works in the Canadian film and TV industry as an up-and-coming screenwriter and producer. His short stories have been published by The Horror Zine, Scribal Tales and Hello Horror. Smorgasbord is his first novel.


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