Our Rating System


1 Honey Pot: Hated it. (Book was extremely hard to get into, hard to understand, or was seriously lacking in plot and creativity. Not worth the time to read.)

2 Honey Pots: Wasn’t a total waste of time, but definitely not a page turner that kept you wanting to read more. There may be 1 or 2 good things about the book that will stick with you.

3 Honey Pots: It was okay, but not something that is worth a reread. The plot was decent, but there were some holes that were hard to get around.

4 Honey Pots: Definitely worth another look. The plot was great, and it was a page turner that you could see sitting on your shelf. You may just share it with others if you remember to mention it.

5 Honey Pots: Absolutely MUST read! This book is to die for and one that will remain with you for a very long time to come. You can’t wait to tell everyone you know to go out and buy it!

***Half ratings may be used if the reviewer finds that their rating for the book falls between any of these categories.***

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