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Renewing Hope by Jennyfer Browne

Renewing Hope
The Second Novel in the In Your World Series
by Jennyfer Browne


The journey for Kate Hill and Nathan Fisher continues…

Kate Hill hopes to leave her English past behind her in order to be accepted by the Amish of West Grove, and marry her love, Nathan Fisher. But as she struggles to win over her Amish neighbors, she discovers that the sordid past of the Bishop’s son has caused a rift in the small community. Shunned for living the English lifestyle, Benjamin Yoder finds a friend in Kate, and wonders if there is hope in returning to the Amish life he misses.

Nathan Fisher wants his old friend, Benjamin, back with the Amish for many reasons- by forgiving Benjamin his English transgressions; surely the community will accept his Kate. With the Bishop’s steadfast obstinacy towards the English blight on his flock, it will be up to Kate and Nathan to heal their community by bringing home the son of the Bishop and renewing hope in the Amish through forgiveness.


     It was nearly a week before Nathan finally convinced me to walk with him in the waning afternoon. I had run out of excuses to avoid the side of the barn that had once offered us a pleasured moment of privacy. Stepping off the porch with him I held myself stiffly as we walked toward the shade of the barn, my eyes watching the dead stalks for any movement other than the fluttering afternoon breeze.

     It was when I jumped at Nathan’s hand on mine that he frowned and stopped just out of sight of the house.

     “What is wrong?” he asked, concern etching his features. “You look fearful.”

     I swallowed and glanced past his shoulder to the mocking wave of corn. He glanced behind him, still confused.

     “That’s where he took me,” I whispered. “I haven’t been able to get that out of my head. I have nightmares.”

     Nathan’s eyes widened and he pulled me toward the house again with care.

     “I did not know it frightened you,” he said and continued to hold my hand with a protective grip, even in view of the house. As if daring propriety further, he leaned in and kissed me on my temple.

     “I will fix this,” he said and sat me back on the swing, his arm wrapped around me.

     Although it should have been avoided for propriety’s sake, I took comfort in his embrace. It pushed away the tension and for the rest of the night, I felt as safe as I should have when I was with him. I made a promise to myself when I went to bed that night to stand up to my fear so that Nathan wouldn’t have to worry about me.

     I was surprised the next morning when I stepped outside with Emma to milk the cows and discovered Nathan already in the field closest to the barn, his horses rigged up to one of Jonah’s larger machines, and already the first row of corn by the barn had been cleared from the earth. Behind him in the large wagon stood a man I recognized and was surprised to see working amongst the Amish.

     Benjamin Yoder. I remembered him from the Gathering, seemingly months ago. Benjamin was the old friend of Nathan’s who had helped find me.

     The Bishop’s son.

     He was still dressed in English clothes, his dark hair grown out since the last time I had seen him and a wavy mess from the work. It was obvious he knew how to work the machinery. I wasn’t quite sure why he was here, but as Nathan looked up and spoke to him, I could tell the two had somehow resolved their differences. They smiled and called out to one another, working well as a team to complete the task at hand. Both were already soaked in sweat and Nathan’s concentration was such that he didn’t even notice Emma and me standing to watch him.

     I jumped when I heard Jonah beside me.

     “I woke up to find them hitching up the horses,” he said and looked toward the machine as it drew near. “Nathan is a good man to you.”

     I nodded and felt my eyes burning as I stood there.

     Nathan was clearing the field because it frightened me.

About the Author:

Jennyfer Browne has always been a sucker for a good love story- a complex recipe with a dash of dashing, a pinch of heroism, and a hefty dose of outside forces that test young lovers. Seasoned with tears and laughter, followed by a sprinkle of happy sighs fill out the perfect recipe. 

Jennyfer also enjoys pie.

Ms. Browne lives in California with her wonderful husband and adoring son, where she enjoys the beach and sailing off on further adventures. A member of the Romance Writers of America and blessed with an overactive imagination, she writes sweet and savory romances with a twist of tart that always come to a happy ending.

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