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Review of Wishing Cotton by Elizabeth M. Lawrence ~ from Sally

Review for Wishing Cotton by Elizabeth  M. Lawrence
by Sally

Wishing Cotton is a walk down memory lane for me. Have you ever wished on a star? Olive Alexander asked this same question to her best friend, Blair Adams, while vacationing together. The question brought forth a debate amongst the two, and they decided to try a little experiment.

Enter Peter Keyes, an author who is getting away from it all after his most recent book flops—big time. Unbeknownst to the others, all three make wishes of their own…wishes about life or love. When their wishes all come true, they’re left with trying to figure out what their wishing objects have in common.

This was a cute story that brought back memories of all the times I wished on a falling star or anything else that made sense at the time. It gives the reader hope that there is still magic out there in the world. While not one what I would normally read, I found it to be well written for the most part. There were times when it seemed as if the author’s vocabulary was a bit advanced for the target reader, but overall, it was a decent read and a walk through the past.

Rating: 3 out of 5 Honey Pots


Throw a penny in a well, wish on a star, find a four-leaf clover . . . No matter which rituals people follow, none ever seem to work. But what if there were a way to make wishes come true? For best friends Olive Alexander and Blair Adams, a beach holiday provides the perfect opportunity to see if they can find the secret. Could fellow vacationer Peter Keyes hold the key to solving this puzzle?

***Wishing Cotton can be purchased by itself or in an anthology called Heat Wave (Beach Reads)***

About the Author:

Elizabeth Lawrence is the author of both contemporary and period romances. Each book incorporates its own unique blend of humor and reverence, the paranormal and the mundane. In addition to her novels, Elizabeth serves as Lead Editor for Renaissance Romance Publishing. A lifelong writer and former paralegal, Elizabeth divides her free time between her husband and two sons, her three cats, her collection of cozy murder mysteries, and her mildly severe caffeine addiction. A native of Lawrence, Kansas, Elizabeth now works from her home in Cleveland, Ohio.

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