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A Review from Heather for Sleeves by Chanse Lowell

Sleeves by Chanse Lowell

Heather's Review:

April 12th, 2023

“Casey, you have to come,” her friend, Jana said, tugging on her arm as they walked
through the parking lot after work.
“No thanks,” Casey replied, sighing as the warm air hit her from the outside,
melting the chill away from her cold office.
What was the big deal? Why did they keep hounding her about this particular
“Oh my God! You’re not honestly scared of this, are you?” Jana stared at her with
her baby-blues like Casey was being ridiculous and then she tightened her ponytail,
making sure her sandy blonde hair looked flawless as usual.
“No—why would I be?” Casey’s forehead creased and she turned away. “I’m just
tired. It was a shitty day at work, that’s all.”
“This man has a monster cock, and he lets the women touch it and play with it,”
Maddie said, fanning herself. “We have to sign something before they even let us into
the club.”
“Fine. One drink, but that’s it. And I’m not touching that man.”

And after that night, Casey’s life would never be the same again.  As a lifelong fan of science fiction, I found this story to be very intriguing.  We follow Kel as he tries to break free of a past he’s hiding from when he meets Casey that fateful night in his club.  None of their lives will ever be the same again.  We are taken on a ride of sexual pleasure as well as character torture and discovery all at the same time in this story.  Despite Casey’s determination to not have anything to do with Kel, she finds herself on stage in his cage and she is immediately drawn to him.  But she sees something in him where every other woman only sees a sexual prize.

As we learn more about Kel’s past we end up with more questions that are needing answers.  And the journey the author takes us on to discover those answers, is filled with twists and turns, potholes, ups and downs, starts and stops.  It is a journey that is only for those 18 and over.  If you love a good mystery that is a touch fantastical and yet scarily plausible in this age of gene exploration laced with amazing eroticism, then this is definitely the book for you.


4 out of 5 Honey Pots

About the Author:

     Chanse Lowell grew up in the desert southwest and still lives there with her husband,
children, and pet cactus. She’s addicted to three things: reading erotica, writing erotica
and sandwiches with a side of erotica to aid with digestion. She grew up watching
programs with science fiction and historical fiction themes, and is determined she can
combine her three favorite genres, creating a new breed of novel with scifi, historical
and smut sandwiched in the middle.

     The last thing she ever thought she’d do was pursue her dream to be a writer since her
family tends to keep her busy. When she was introduced to fan fiction, she realized she
wanted to see more science fiction and historical fiction to fill in the gap with lots of
naughtiness thrown in, of course. Her true passion is creating her own worlds from
scratch, letting her imagination go and take her to another place.

     She has two novels coming out soon, Sleeves a science fiction erotica and Knots, a
contemporary BDSM that shows the softer, tender side of a Dom/sub relationship.

     Having recently entered the lifestyle and discovering she’s a submissive herself has
opened her eyes to how few stories there are exploring the softer side of the lifestyle. She enjoys chatting online with others with similar kinky interests and has advisers in
the lifestyle that help make sure her stories remain true and don’t veer off into outer
space. Although aliens probably enjoy kink, too, since they like to dress in rubber fetishwear
while traveling. At least that’s her argument for why her new genre she’s created is

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