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A review for Breach by K L Lynn.

A review for Breach by K L Lynn

By Bee

Breach – a sexy, passionate masterpiece, that will leave you begging for more . . .

K L Lynn’s Breach hooks you from the first page.

Delilah is a very complex character, surrounded by sadness, but you can’t help feel drawn towards her.  When the new, sexy employee, Nathan Thorne, arrives at Delilah’s law firm, you can sense the sexual tension the moment they meet. Even though their first encounter involved Delilah flipping the bird at Nathan, it doesn’t stop their desire for each other quickly igniting.  It’s too bad any ‘unrelated work’ activities would be a Breach of their contracts that would cost their jobs.

This of course doesn’t stop them. Not only do they share an office, but we soon learn their apartments are in the same building, not to mention they drink in the same bar. There are too many ways for them to be together, without anyone finding out.

The sexual tension ignites and a dirty talking Nathan is released. And when I say dirty talking, I mean ‘hot damn, I need a cold shower’! Nathan’s sexy mouth left me in a state for days. Then there is the hot sex. Nathan is raw and primal in his love making, and it just adds to the excitement of the story.  You will be squirming in your seats reading this story, wishing you had your own Nathan.

But it’s not just sexy talking Nathan that draws you into this tale. Both he and Delilah are sad, broken souls. As we learn some of their secrets, it’s no wonder they were so drawn to each other.

The only thing holding Delilah and Nathan back is Nathan himself. Can he fight his demons to be with Delilah? Is Delilah strong enough to be what he needs?

You guys need to read Breach and find out. This is the first book of the 'Breach Trilogy'

I would recommend this book to anyone, but I should warn you, Breach will leave you begging for the next installment.    

K L Lynn is an author to watch out for!

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Release Date: April 24th, 2013

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