Sunday, 26 May 2013

Review for Surviving Raine - By MrsA

Raine´s dad was shot in the line of duty. The mysterious circumstances around his death were never revealed and it’s all being covered up. Her closest friend, Lindsay convinces her to go on a cruise, using the money she got from her dads settlement.
On the boat she doesn’t have any contact with Sebastian Starke, who is the alcoholic Captain.
The only interest he has in life is drowning his troubled past and memories in booze or a whore for the night.
Sebastian is always grumpy and can’t stand to be around people. He finds his liquor bottle more agreeable than people. 
They continue like this until one night, when the boat goes under, Sebastian rescues Raine on a raft.
We get to follow these two people forced to interact under the worst circumstances.
They rescue each other a number of times from different challenges during their time at sea.
He sees her as a potential lay for the night. She’s afraid of him and his sudden mood swings make him unstable.
He just wants booze and she wants to help him. Her never ending questions about his past just make him angrier.

Slowly they both open up to each other and a very special relationship begins to takes form.
It’s great to see how these two change from him not standing her yet being attracted to her, and her from being afraid of him to wanting him as well.
Everything is written from Sebastian’s point of view, which I like very much.

It was a very good read and towards the end it took turns I wouldn't have guessed.

Can’t wait for the sequel to come out to see how the loose threads will be tied together.

I would recommend this book to anyone. 

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