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Review for Strange Worlds: Surreal Stories and Tainted Tales by Heather


Strange Worlds:  Surreal Stories and Tainted Tales  by Victoria Pearson

“I wrote these stories to trap them on the page; a cage of

prose to keep the ideas contained. If you read them, do so
with the knowledge that ideas are contagious, and spread
swiftly from mind to mind.” -- Victoria Pearson’s opening words.

In this collection of short stories, we find ourselves on a journey with a mystical flare.  Whether you believe that there are “others” amongst us or not, each of her tales have a lesson that most people should learn.  The author has done an amazing job with few words to open the reader’s mind without leaving you feel lectured to.  Two of the stories that spoke to me the most were “Chasing Rainbows” and “Be careful what you wish for”.
In “Rainbows”, a mother is asked to answer a riddle in the form of a very simple question:  “Who are you?”  In answering it, the mother learns more about herself and what is important to her, what her true treasure is.
In “Wish For”, a woman has found herself barely surviving day-to-day life when she learns her best friend has moved on.  While cleaning what she believed to be a teapot at work, she has instead found herself a genie who offers her only one wish.  Without thinking she says one name, the name of the friend/lover she lost.  The grant is wished.  Needless to say, it has unexpected consequences that leave the woman trying to find another teapot to “unwish” her wish.
An amazing collection of wonderfully written, thoughtful tales that can lead to a bit of self-discovery with a fantastical twist.

“We are each our own strange world,
living in a universe made up of the strange worlds
of other people.” -- Victoria Pearson’s parting words.

This is actually her second collection of stories, the first was:  
Strange Love—Short Stories and Twisted Tales.

Love can bring us together, but it can also tear us apart.
Dive into ten very different tales all sharing the theme of love; the
good, the bad and the hideously ugly. Maternal love leads to
obsession, infidelity leads to heartbreak and a prince ends up very
disappointed with his lot.
You may have seen one or two of these characters before, but never
in this light. Twisted perspectives on old tales and new stories whose
characters will stay with you forever…
To love is man’s greatest gift, and his greatest curse.

Rating: 4 out of 5 Honey Pots

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