Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Mrs A's review for Healing Faith By Jennyfer Browne

Review for Healing Faith By Jennyfer Browne

Katherine Hill is running from her abusive boyfriend Sean Miller.

On the way to her sister, Stacy, in Illinois, the bus breaks down and she ends up in West Grove, Iowa where there seems to be nothing more than endless fields of corn.

Sean finds the bus in the little town as it waits to be repaired, knowing she must be in the area somewhere he starts looking for her. She hides in the buggy of a Amish man named Jonah Berger.

He takes Katherine home with him and puts her under his protection.
Jonah and his wife Fannie take her in and begin to love her like a daughter.
It´s not easy to be an Englisher and go to live with an Amish family and follow their ways, but she doesn't plan to stay for long.

Everything changes when she meets Fannie´s nephew Nathan Fisher.
Nathan has had a very troubled year and everything he knows turns upside down when he meets Katherine.

We get to follow Katherine as she struggles to fit into the Amish ways, then Nathan´s issues with falling for an “outsider”.  The elders in their society have a say in everything.
Will Nathan and Kathrine overcome all their obstacles? Will Sean leave her alone?

This book is beautifully written, and Nathan is the sweetest character and so easy to fall for, I did.

Can't wait for the sequel since the author left us hanging wanting more.

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