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Andrea's Review of The Girl Upstairs by Maree Celest


Michael is an average, unassuming sort of fellow no one would especially take any notice of. He works hard at his dead-end office job and goes home alone to a shared house filled with eccentric oddities all of whom have far more exciting lives than him. Each night he is forced to listen to the passionate, tumultuous and often thunderous exploits of the girl upstairs.

Crystal lives directly above Michael. She is a Gothic vixen; a nymphomaniac. She is quite possibly the most incredible girl he has ever seen and he ‘fancies the pants off her’, except Crystal seems oblivious to Michael and his lustrous desires. Michael cannot escape her sordid escapades and is often close enough to hear every groan and whimper. But if he can’t have her is it enough to hear her ‘being had’?

Andrea's Review:

From reading the synopsis I was expecting something completely different than what I encountered. More than a story of one man pining for a woman, The Girl Upstairs is a funny and dirty read that borders kinky with an underlying theme of low self-esteem and self-growth.

Michael is 35, working a boring and mundane job, spending time with his friends (I’m American, I struggle calling them ‘mates’) at the local pub and living a life of unwanted celibacy. Michael listens daily as the woman of his desire has loud and what sounds to be amazing sex. A woman with multiple sexual partners who is quite vocal in her wants, needs and desires. Forced to then to go to a job that is less than fulfilling and listen to his best friend’s sexual exploits while pining for yet another woman who is oblivious to his infatuation, Michael is completely frustrated.

Crystal is a housemate of Michaels and lives directly above him. While it is unknown whether she realizes how much her housemate is aware of her sexual exploits, it is evident that she likely doesn’t care. Just one of many housemates, it is safe to say that Crystal loves sex and does not discriminate. And this house? The housemates are very close.

Throughout the book,we experience, along with the characters, all of their infatuations, sexual conquests and fulfilling fantasies - even some they didn’t know they had!. I felt sorry for Michael and almost pitied him. He has surrounded himself with people that are far more open to their sexuality and willingness to take risks to satisfy their sexual desires, all the while he lives a life of simple fantasy and unrequited ‘love’. He really is a sad soul and unaware of what he really wants not only in life but in bed.

The book ended. Just simply ended. I finished with an actual verbal “Huh?” Then after awhile I had that ‘aha’ moment and thought “Well played Ms. Caleste”. When you finish this, think hard and long about what is said. Think back to the underlying innuendos and perhaps hints you didn’t pick up on. You will then hope that Michael will also realize what just happened - what was said. It is enough to know that perhaps Michael’s most desired fantasy will become a reality …. in more than one way.


About the Author:

Maree Caleste lives in the south of London, England, where she supplements her mundane working life with penning erotic stories and reading fantasy. She is as happy on the terraces of her favorite soccer team as she is being wined and dined in exotic, upmarket hotels in the city. She is happily married and enjoys snuggling on the couch with a good movie, a large glass of a wine and her cat Sheldon.

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