Thursday, 3 October 2013

Review by Lexi for Roadside Service by B.L. Wilde

Roadside Service by B.L. Wilde we meet Violet Weathers, a supermodel, whose car breaks down on the way to her new photo shoot. Luckily, her car doesn't die too far from a garage that she remembers passing earlier. The supermodel is quickly dazed by the mechanic, who could be a model himself. What happens when he lays eyes on the world famous model? Will she finally discover someone that she's been looking for without even realizing it?
So...where do I start? *fans self* This novella starts strongly by introducing us to the main two characters—a supermodel and a hot mechanic. B.L. Wilde did a great job describing her characters, since after reading the beautiful portrait of Blake, I almost left the comfort of my reading nook in order to find my own oily, hot mechanic. And don't get me started on Violet—personified as the perfect woman that every girl would want to be.
Roadside Service is clearly a well written novella and has a really, really nice plot line but I wish it were longer because the story has a lot of potential and I would have liked to read more about the characters.
The story was definitely very steamy but at the same time it had its tender, fluffy parts that warmed my heart. It had a bit of angst, enough for this type of story. You can clearly see the passion the author put into writing this story.
All in all, I really enjoyed this novella that B.L. Wilde brought to us. A quick fun read that will put a smile on your face no matter where you are, what you do or when you read it . I'd recommend this novella to anyone who wants an instant smile on their face and a few sweat droplets on their forehead from the temperature that will definitely rise while you read Roadside Services.

Rating: 5 out of 5

About the Author:

B.L. Wilde is a British author obsessed with many things, including heated love stories.

Supported fully by her husband, she can often be found at her desk working on her next


Her journey into the world of erotica began when she started writing online stories over

three years ago, and she hasn't looked back since.

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