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Review by Heather ~ Vanished by John Shephard

Vanished by John Shepard

In this story we follow Papria as she takes her test, or physical trial, but it takes an unexpected and horrific turn.  Her life changes in ways that she wasn’t expecting and she finds herself at a different destination than where she planned at the start of her day.  She quickly finds herself back on her original path under different circumstances.  On her journey to Earth, she begins to heal but it isn’t until they reach the journey’s end that Papria truly finds herself and others that she never expected.  

“. . . pain couldn’t heal until it was let free.”

“That time will heal all? Yes, in the sense that the wound heals but a scar always remains. Scars, too, fade with time, but they are never truly gone.”

“You’ll never win in a fistfight. You’re too dainty. It’s about using leverage and their weight against them. Fight smart and win. Fight angry or panicked, and you’ll lose.”

“Rule one: everyone is an enemy until they save your life.”

“If you spend your whole life believing everyone will turn on you, you’ll make it happen.”

Will these inner monologues and life lessons help make her or break her?  You’ll have to follow along with Papria and those she meets to discover how strength can sometimes help and hinder one’s journey all at the same time.


Papria’s father used to tell her stories. Stories of a planet; a haven, a wondrous place filled with intelligent life. His passion became her obsession. When he died she swore she’d become the woman he wanted her to be.

Even he didn’t know how far her kind would go to stop a woman from succeeding. She’s humiliated, publicly shamed, and hurt, but wins the trials. Yet she’s still denied her right to leave the planet.

Papria’s not a quitter. She’s getting off-world no matter what the cost; including sparking a revolution.

About the author:

John's earliest memories are of curling up on the chaise in his father's study with books. Though he didn't seriously take up writing until his late twenties, he's poured his heart and soul into learning and has a love of strong-willed women leads, tempestuous characters, and anti-heroes.
He lives in Washington, loves to swim in the Sound, and can be found writing more often than not. Because reading was such an important part of his childhood, he's decided to donate 50% of all profit on his books to Kourageous Kids Storybooks; an organization dedicated to writing books for terminally ill children featuring them as the hero.

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Rating:     4 out of 5 Honey Pots

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